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Ficha técnica:

Venus Attack é:

Michael Polchowicz – voz
André Carvalho – guitarra
Daniel Mueller – baixo
Renato Larsen – bateria

Mixagem e masterização: estúdio Ri-Play – Canoas/RS
Técnico: Richard Neris Sacco
Arte de capa: Vanessa Döi
Prensagem: Klaus Neher
Produzido: por Venus Attack

Venus Attack agradece aos familiares, amigos, em especial a Jairo Borba, Thiago Pospichil Marques, Richard Neris Sacco, Nikolas Gomes Ferrandis e Gustavo Schonarth que foram essenciais para realização deste trabalho.
E agradece também às bandas: Hangar, Tierramystica e Neto & Junior.

Confira as letras de Venus Attack 1!

Looking For The Meaning

Polchowicz, Borba, Larsen, Mueller

I feel so upset
I feel so much fear
I´m sorry about these words
I wanna disappear

Pre chorus:

I´m feeling so stressed
This tought is burning my brain
I gotta take these drugs
To disguise this pain

Insanity haunts me
Like a bad dream
Smashing my heart
I wanna scream

Pre chorus:

I´m feeling so stressed
This tought is burning my brain
I gotta take these drugs
To disguise this pain


I feel sorrow, there´s no tomorrow
I´m trying to understand my existence


Sometimes this feeling
Makes a mess in my mind
But I have to face
The Truth inside

Hear Me Pray

Polchowicz, Marques, Carvalho, Larsen, Mueller

How much pain can I endure?
Before losing my mind
I am trying to keep my sanity
I know that I must fight

(And face my fate)

How much time is needed?
To wait for the answer
Sometimes I feel so lost
In an empty search

(But I am not alone)


And my soul wants to scream to survive…


God hear me pray
Please guide my choice
Keep me in the way
And don´t let me lose my voice

Broken conscience

Polchowicz, Marques, Carvalho, Borba, Larsen, Mueller

I´m lost this world
Fear is leading me astray
I look around me
And just what I see
Is flesh sold like meat

Corpses walking without sense
Past comes and hurts me
I´m afraid to take another step
I would like to forget

I can´t take back my wasted time
I need to stop spending my life

I would like be a super hero
To face the monsters under my bed
And be strong enough
To expel them from my head

Eternal Hate

Polchowicz, Borba, Larsen, Mueller

Now I can feel the hate
Setting me free
My anger is blowing up
Out of control

Pre chorus:

Man against man
I don´t understand
Making their holy wars

Lies bring feeling
Of a fake relieve
Money is the only lord
Of this world

Pre chorus:

Man against man
I don´t understand…


Hate, eternal hate, hate

Stray Bullet

Polchowicz, Borba, Larsen, Mueller, Eloy

I got another tale
About tragedy
Without fairies or angels
It’s just the reality

Once upon a time
In a shantytown
He was 17
And had a lot of dreams

Pre chorus:

In the middle of night it came
Without advise
Sparks through the dark
Brought pain

And did not knock
At the door
Came hurting the flesh
And took away his blood


Stray bullet
Collected its price
Stray bullet
He paid with his life

Secret place

Polchowicz, Marques, Carvalho, Larsen, Mueller

Bad days
Where I don´t support the madness around me
With millions of things to take my peace
I would like to flee

Freaky times
People run and waste their lives
Day by day freezing their hearts

And I say, I wanna escape, wanna escape, want…


My secret place hidden, yeah
Inside my speakers
Where I forget my crazy days, yeah
Through my headphones

Busy days
Everything begins to be unbearable
All the moments lose their beauty
And I´m losing my reason

Connected times
Living every second under pressure
But I don´t mind this stress cause I go
To somewhere nobody can find me, find me, find…



My own world nobody will find
Where I can stay and nobody disturbs me
And worry about things that aren´t important
And I can remember I am still



Polchowicz, Borba, Larsen, Mueller

Look at the madness
That rounds our lives
What can we do
To stop this decay?

We can blame our behaviour
There´s no more ozone
Like a sand in the wind
Our life is gone

Pre chorus:

Look at the fury, that we begun
There´s no escape for you and me


Oh Lord save our souls
From burning like in hell

We must be aware
Of all this sadness
There is a crack
Over our heads

The time has come
Our planet will die
The greenhouse effect
Will make us fry

Pre chorus:


Devil´s Home

Polchowicz, Borba, Larsen, Mueller

The World is not the same
Everything looks like a game
Violence is so banal
Blows and shots on every channel

You´re just another one
In this failed system
If you die tomorrow
It will not make a difference

Wake up my friend
See the Reality
This is not a TV Show
Stop living this fantasy

If you wait for something
To happen without work
I´m sorry “mi amigo”
It’s not time to fool around

Oh, oh! Get up of this armchair
Oh, oh! Show some attitude

Do it yourself
Make it with your own hands
Do it yourself
`Cause nobody will



The final act
The curtains closing
Lights switch off
The audience leaving
The place being emptied
The work is done
It makes me remember
That everything
that has a beginning
Has an end…
(…What passed, passed
Leave the sadness behind
And go on with your life…)
A farewell
Is Never easy
But I must accept this
People come
People go
The show must go on
A magical moment
Comes to the end
It’s so sad
But I have to say
Good bye, good bye

“Dedicated in memoriam of Roberto Lopez. My dear uncle”